Jim Miller

Jim Miller is a native of Chillicothe, IL.  He graduated from Chillicothe Township High School, then attended Illinois Central College and graduated from Bradley University in Peoria, IL.

Jim retired from Caterpillar, Inc. in 2000.  He works and carves for Peter Engler Designs in Branson, Mossouri. He has been developing his wood carving hobby into a profitable home business.  In addition to selling his carvings and doing custom wood carving, Jim is a talented wood carving instructor.  He has taught multiple carving classes at the Three Sisters Folk Art School.



Joan Quigg

Joan Quigg began her journey in fiber arts at the age of four, when her grandmother taught her to cross stitch. Her first “fiber” project was a cross stitch pattern of a duck holding an umbrella in the rain.

Since that time, she has acquired experience and expertise in many other “fiber arts,” including embroidery, knitting, crochet, sewing, tailoring, weaving, basketry, kumihimo, beading, dyeing, and other forms of playing with fabric and yarn.  She is currently learning to spin and experimenting with doll making.

She especially enjoys projects which incorporate mixed techniques; for example, she will weave the fabric and then tailor a garment from her own handwoven fabric. Joan holds a BS in related art with emphasis on costume and textile design.  She is also an avid teacher and delights in introducing one of her “loves” to a new student or an entire class.



Mike Anderson

The combination of music, storytelling and humor has made Mike Anderson one of the most sought-after performers from the Atlantic coast to Canada to the Gulf and all points  in between.  His latest recordings writing entitled The Great Sled Race and Anna’s Old Boot both won Parents’ Choice awards. Anna’s Old Boot also won a Children’s Music Web award for best children’s song 2003.

Under the auspices of the Illinois State Board of Education, Mike has conducted many  teacher workshops for developing literacy through the art of storytelling.  His Early  Childhood shows are legendary.  As an author and an elementary school teacher, Mike  earned accolades from his current principal who said,

"Mr. Anderson works well in structure and he excels in unstructured situations where he can utilize his creativity and problem-solving skills. He is a superb communicator, master teacher and an exceptional leader in any setting."

While the Mountain Dulcimer, Guitar, Banjo, Jaw Harp, and Nose Flute are a part of his  musical storytelling trade, his power to guide teachers to help students is among his  greatest strengths.  His workshops on "Promoting Higher Level Thinking Through Classroom  Activities" and "Storytelling for Literacy for Early Childhood Teachers and Parents" have  been nationally recognized.