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11th Winter Weekend Classes

11th Illinois Mountain Dulcimer Winter Weekend


Beginner - InstructorMike Anderson 

No prior knowledge of dulcimer or music needed.  Learn the basics of playing simple melodies, reading tablature notation, changing strings, and even a few chords!

Not a Beginner But... - Instructor - Anne Lough

Beyond the basics.  If you have a beginners' association with the dulcimer, or if you play another instrument and don't want to register as a beginner, this class is for you.  A review of basics, chords, slightly more advanced songs and new playing styles are featured.

Intermediate - Instructor Wendy Songe

Continue the journey.  Each year the intermediate instructor brings his own particular style of playing and preferences, with suggestions for taking your dulcimer playing to a new level and in new directions.

Not Sure where you fit?

Feel free to register for the class that seems to be the right fit for you.  You may feel free to repeat a class as many times as you wish, or "jump" between classes.  If a particular instructor appeals to you, register for that class.

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Mike Anderson

Mike Anderson

Anne Lough

Anne Lough

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