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Mountain Dulcimer Classes

9th Illinois Mountain Dulcimer Winter Weekend


Beginner - Instructor - Mike Anderson (website)

No prior knowledge of dulcimer or music needed.  Learn the basics of playing simple melodies, reading tablature notation, changing strings, and even a few chords!

Not a Beginner But... - Instructor - Susan Trump (website)

Beyond the basics.  If you have a beginners' association with the dulcimer, or if you play another instrument and don't want to register as a beginner, this class is for you.  A review of basics, chords, slightly more advanced songs and new playing styles are featured.

Intermediate - Instructor - Linda Brockinton (website)

Continue the journey.  Each year the intermediate instructor brings his own particular style of playing and preferences, with suggestions for taking your dulcimer playing to a new level and in new directions.

Feel free to register for the class that seems to be the right fit for you.  You may feel free to repeat a class as many times as you wish, or "jump" between classes.  If a particular instructor appeals to you, register for that class.

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